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The Farm

Wild Peace Farm is a small, certified organic vegetable farm located in Freeland, MD, that grows a wide variety of seasonal vegetables.  We're working to provide fresh, nutritious food for our community in a way that's harmonious with the natural world around us. 

It's important to us to farm without the use of toxic pesticides or herbicides, without GMOs, and without a dependence on chemical fertilizers. We minimize our use of even organic pesticides; instead, we prefer to manage insect pests with physical barriers like row covers. This year we had success using parasitic wasps to help control bean beetles, so in the future we will experiment with using other beneficial insects.  We increase soil health with crop rotation, cover crops, organic soil amendments, and compost. Weed control is achieved with straw mulch, re-usable plastic ground cover, and mechanical and manual cultivation. We would be happy to talk to you about any of our farming practices if you're interested!

We are just beginning the exciting journey of building a vibrant, resilient, and efficient farm and are thankful to our community and customers for your support.

You can buy our produce at three local farmers markets and through our CSA.. Scroll down to find out more about the CSA!

Feel free to contact us at:


Farmer’s Markets

Sunday catonsville Market

15 Mellor Ave, Catonsville, MD, 21128
May 6- Nov 18, 2018
Sundays, 9am-12:30pm

bel air farmer's market

2 S Bond St, Bel Air, MD 21024
April 14 -December 2018
Saturdays, 7am-11am

CSA: Community Supported Agriculture 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA creates a strong connection between the community and farms. CSA members support small-scale farms financially by providing stability and early season cash flow, while the farm provides weekly shares of fresh, seasonal produce to members at a great value.

How our CSA works

Each of our 3 CSA options provides you with a variety of produce each week of the harvest season (early June to mid-November.) Check our "What we grow" page to see the some of the varieties we grow. With Mother Nature comes uncertainty, but this is what you can expect to receive throughout the harvest season. You will notice that the types of vegetables will change with the seasons. During spring and fall, there will be more greens and root crops, while summer is full of heat-loving vegetables like tomatoes and peppers. 

CSA Options

Market Share: Our Market Share is offered only at the Sunday Catonsville Market. It works like a credit account at our market stand. Members can choose between 3 options. The small share costs $150 and members receive $160 credit at the farm stand. A medium share costs $300 and members receive a value of $325. And a large share costs $500 and members receive a value of $550. This option provides the most flexibility. Members can choose any products (vegetables, flowers, or eggs) available at the stand, at any amount, and can skip a week at no loss. Credits must be used at this market during the 2019 farmers market season. The Catonsville Market runs 25 weeks (May-Nov). Early signups will earn additional farm stand credit!

Traditional Box Share: Box shares provide a farmer-selected variety of vegetables each week. This share is a great value, and comes in two sizes. The Large Share ($700) includes 7-9 fresh vegetables a week, while the Small Share ($375) contains 4-5 items a week. Box Shares  are available for pick-up at the Catonsville Market, Ecotone, and Dough Run. This share includes 25 weeks of produce, and runs June through mid-November. Discounted rates apply for early signups! 

Egg Share: The Egg Share is offered as an add-on for the Box Share.  Egg Shares reserve either 1 dozen or 1/2 dozen of our pasture-raised eggs each week for 25 weeks. 

See below for additional add-ons available from local businesses!

Traditional On Farm Share: The farm share offers the greatest value. Members pick up their produce on the farm. Veggies are laid out farmers market style and bagged by members. Some vegetables are available as pick your own, like cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, green beans, and select flowers and herbs. The cost of this share is $650 for 25 weeks of produce, mid-June through mid-November. Discounted rates apply for early sign-ups!

Egg Share: The Egg Share is offered as an add-on for the Farm Share.  Egg Shares reserve either 1 dozen or 1/2 dozen of our pasture-raised eggs each week for 25 weeks. 

CSA Additions

We are excited to collaborate with some amazing local food businesses to offer these additions to our CSA. These businesses support many local farms, including Wild Peace Farm,  and make truly delicious products that we hope you will enjoy!

Dough Run Granola CSA
Sarah of Dough Run Bakery in Monkton, MD uses organic oats and local honey in her delicious granolas. All of her granolas are made with whole ingredients. The Dough Run Classic Granola includes: organic rolled oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, safflower oil, and local honey. You'll receive 1 bag a week (25 weeks) with your veggie share. $165. This addition is available for Farm Shares and Tuesday Box Shares only.

Dough Run Bread CSA
Dough Run Bakery's Honey Wheat Bread is fresh baked every Tuesday morning for delivery in our Tuesday Box Shares. It's made with real, whole ingredients (Organic whole wheat, Dough Run Classic Granola (no nuts), local honey, yeast, sea salt) and is delicious! $145 for 25 weeks of fresh baked bread. This addition is available for Tuesday Box Shares only.

We are do not have additions available for our Market Shares or Box Shares delivered to markets. We encourage you to shop from the other wonderful market vendors at these markets! 

CSA Options and Pricing

Traditional Share
Size Cost Early Early (By Jan 1, 2019) Early (By Mar 1, 2019)
Small Box $375 $345 $360
Large Box $700 $650 $675
On Farm $650 $610 $625

Market Share
Size Cost/Value Early (By Jan, 1 2019)
Small $150/160 $150/175
Medium $300/$325 $300/$335
Large $500/$540 $500/$560



On farm

1305 Oakland Rd, Freeland, MD, 21053  

Tuesdays, 3-7pm,         


2120 High Point Rd
Forest Hill, MD 21050

Tuesdays, 3-7pm

Dough Run

16949 York Rd
Monkton, MD, 21111

Wednesdays, 1-6pm

Sunday catonsville Market

15 Mellor Ave, Catonsville, MD, 21128
Sundays, 9am-12:30pm


Vegetables we grow 

Head Lettuce         
Lettuce Mix                      
Bok Choi

Summer Squash
Sweet Peppers
Hot Peppers


Cherry Tomatoes    
Green Beans     
Yellow Wax Beans
Delicata Squash                
Acorn Squash
Sugar Snap Peas
Butternut Squash
Sweet Potatoes
Heirloom Tomatoes

Onions.... And More!

For recipes check out our Pinterest page

The farmers

Hi, I'm Tamara, the full-time farmer at Wild Peace Farm. Farming is my passion and I'm so thankful that it's what I get to do every day. I love working outside, I love growing good food, I love seeing the farm grow into a productive, sustainable entity. And I love sharing the farm and the the great food that we grow with our community!


Kerriann works a full-time job off the farm, but you can find her almost every Sunday at the Catonsville Market. She also spends many evenings and weekends weeding, planting, and harvesting. As long as she has a cup of coffee on Sunday mornings and can dip her toes in the river after a long day of weeding, she's a happy camper!



Ashley works in the fields, planting, weeding, harvesting and more. She has a special knack with working with our laying hens and takes care of them with love. You can find Ashley every Saturday running our farm stand at the Hereford Farm Market. Her hard work and positive energy add so much to the farm! 



Our flock of free-range egg layers is raised on pasture. They live in a movable coop which is surrounded by electric netting. We close them in the coop at night to keep them safe from predators, but during the day they free range in the field. They forage for bugs and seeds, they love eating "seconds' vegetables, but their primary feed is GMO-free grain. We choose to use GMO-free grain because it is raised using fewer herbicides than most conventional grains. The coop and its larger enclosure is moved around the farm so that they always have access to fresh grass and we can use their chicken manure for fertilizer. Our hens get plenty of fresh air, sunlight, and love, and you can taste it in the eggs! 

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